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chelle-ma-belle said: When you get this list the 5 most things you love about yourself and send it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

Aw you are one of my favorite followers too! We have almost the same taste in everything. <3 

1. I love how creativity comes easy to me. 
2. I love that I started writing again. 
3. I love that I can argue pretty well. I know that is sometimes a bad quality to have but you are ultimately fighting for yourself in life and why not try and always win. 
4. I love how my family is. I love how I grew up. I loved all the places I grew up. It made me who I am today. 
5. I wanted to reframe from something physical that I like about myself because anyone can say they like their ass or hair. But, I like smile. I have been told that it catches peoples eye and I like that. 

  -  1 September
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Let’s blame it on September cause it hurts to remember. We can fight to hold on but August is gone 🎶

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"I could recognise his soul in mine as much as he could find me in his. Our sole existences seemed to have been for this very moment when nothing else mattered."